Thirupangal Full Film

legendary liege pictures production presents
a Hari S film
Cast – Sarujan / S.N.Vishnujan / Honston K / Nanban Loji / David Shiyam / Thajaprathap /
Venupriyan / Vaanujan / Hari S / Thushanthan / Loganathan Uncle
Music – P.R.Tharshan &Mithun Kalyan
Cinematography – S.N.Vishnujan
Editing – Karunyan
Efx -Thishon

இழிநிலை”Izhi nilai” [Tamil short-film] by BrownMedia


Cinematography/Camera/Editing & Music


Sounds & Co-Direction

Story, Screenplay & Direction

Cast: Kutty Kiin / Naga Konal / Marianit Rajakoon/ Raj Radjasegar /Pierre/Mouna/Karim/Piratheen

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Mobila Mobila Short film 2013

this is our 1st shortfilm & we tried our self give ur cmnts 4 this film -Three girls were living in a hostel. One morning one of their mobile phone was missing from their locked room. When they tried that number a male voice answered, “THEY ARE IN GREAT SEARCH OF THAT MOBILE PHONE” “”””””””MOBILA…

@Uzhiyam – Short film – SujeethG [Subtitled]

@Uzhiyam Story – Screenplay – Dialogue – Direction: SujeethG
( )
Cinematography and Editing: S.Santhan (Eternal Icon)
( )
Background Score: Thishanthan (SME)
( )
Cast: Kesavan – Sanjey – SujeethG – Tharshan
Produced By: Eelavar Cine Arts Council‎

“SUICIDE” awareness short film HD 1080p

This is a public services awareness short film which is reflecting the resemblance between suicide and smoking. It says that smoking is equal to suicide, and trying to prevent people from smoking. LENNON MOTION PICTURES started the video production from pass marks 35/100.This is our 3rd short film after pass marks and checkmate where checkmate…