Maraindhidavaa – Musicalorie Productions feat. Vandana Srinivasan, Haricharan, Sagishna & Manonmani

Musicalorie Productions, in association with Sagishna Xavier, Haricharan, Manonmani & Sri Vijay, proudly present ‘Maraindhidavaa’, an original Tamil track composed by Sagishna with lyrics written by Sri Vijay.

This idea for this song came into being nearly a year ago when Sagishna, Srivijay & I met to discuss a collaboration. We wanted to create something with soul & the melody required lyrics of a certain melancholic nature to go with it. This was the only brief & what he came up with is here for you to see. Thank you, Sri Vijay for your thoughts. It has been my pleasure to sing it.

The idea was to keep the track simple but we knew early on that we definitely wanted to incorporate the Saarangi. Manonmani is synonymous with this instrument & we’re so glad to feature her on our track. Thank you, Ma’am.

Haricharan & I have been wanting to work on this track for a while & it finally happened a couple of months ago when he walked into the studio & effortlessly made the song what it is today. Thank you, Hari.

Thank you, Anand for shooting this video & Hayagreev for the lovely edit. We had to go through many iterations & it’s been a learning experience for all.

Thank you, Bob for being my rock on the audio front & for your invaluable time.

Thank you Sujith Sreedhar for giving us your lovely space, 2 Bar Q Studios, to film this video.

Thank you, Gayatri for the beautiful poster & for bringing in your creativity & aesthetics on my album artwork.

Composer: Sagishna Xavier
Lyrics: Sri Vijay
Singers: Vandana Srinivasan & Haricharan
Saarangi: Manonmani
Recorded, Mix & Master: Bob Phukan @ Aura Studios


Shoot: Anand Pattathil
Edit: Hayagreev Oppili
Poster Design: Gayatri Ravishankar
Location: 2 Bar Q Studios

Special Thanks to Girinandh C – Proprietor of Aura Studios

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